Cacao City: Our Story

Cacao City is a project undertaken by the Local Government of Davao City through the City Agriculture Office and the Private Sector. With Davao City's aim to become the chocolate capital of the Philippines, various initiatives in developing the local cacao industry has been taken. Cacao City is one of such initiatives where we bring world class quality cacao products of Davao much closer to the market.

The mission of Cacao City is to be able to help uplift the lives of the local cacao farmers through showcasing and serving the best cacao products and chocolates the city has to offer. We hope that through Cacao City we can Increase the local demand for our cacao products which in turn would also signal to our local cacao farmers to increase farm production.

The very first flagship store of Cacao City is situated near People's Park right at the Pasalubong Center on Palma Gil St. in Davao City. It is like a ‘chocolate cafe’ — where one can drink hot sikwate and buy cocoa products like tableya and ready-to-eat chocolate bars. Cacao City is a venue where we can help more SMEs and more small farmers get into cacao farming and cacao processing.”

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte led the formal opening of Cacao City on October 2, 2017 and she said that for Davao City to become the ‘Chocolate Capital of the Philippines,’ there is a need to provide the opportunity to small entrepreneurs, marginal farmers, upland farmers, and the indigenous people to become major players in the cacao and chocolate industry. We want our farmers to become producers of globally-competitive quality chocolates.


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